Exclusive Qualities

Sparkling Medical Table Mineral Water


“Bjni” mineral water is considered to be medicinal. Clinical trials by the experts of “Spa Treatment and Physical Therapy Scientific Research Institute” of the RA Ministry of Health have shown, that mineral water “Bjni”  has bile-expelling effect and helps to improve overall liver function. Hence “Bjni” is mainly recommended for patients with chronic cholecystitis and cholangiohepatitis, particularly in case of biliary obstruction. Mineral water “Bjni” is also useful for chronic gastritis, especially in case of increased gastric acid secretion, as well as for gastric and duodenal ulcers. Mineral water “Bjni” is effectively used after gastric operations and gallbladder removal, in case of chronic enterocolitis and pancreatitis. Unlike the other medicinal mineral waters, that have a positive effect only in case of proper use (drinking time, temperature and quantity), “Bjni” has no particular restrictions on the regimen of drinking. The water has a pleasant taste and may be also used to quench thirst.

Drinking Spring Water


“Noy” natural spring water is endowed with exceptionally beneficial properties. Rich with essential ions which support human body functions, the drinking spring water “Noy” not only supplies the organism with useful elements, but also refreshes and purges the accumulated slags and toxic elements. Spring water “Noy” cleanses the organism and «charges» it with energy, thus normalizes the digestive system. It is recommended to drink a glass of “Noy” spring water in the morning to cleanse the organism and a glass in the evening to improve the metabolism. All doctors advise to:

  • drink a glass of spring water before the breakfast - this will speed up removal of toxins from the organism,
  • drink a glass of spring water slowly, taking small sips, after exercising,
  • women and girls are advised to wash their face with spring water and rub the skin with spring water ice cubes to keep the skin vibrant, elastic and smooth and prevent wrinkles.