Noy Technology

The drinking spring water “Noy” bottling technology meets the basic requirements of hygiene for bottling and consists of the following steps:

  • transportation of spring  water to the plant through a pipeline,
  • water storage,
  • processing (matching taste, smell and color, filtration),
  • disinfection with ultraviolet rays,
  • containers washing/rinsing,
  • bottling,
  • cap sealing,
  • defect elimination,
  • coding,
  • labeling,
  • packing,
  • warehousing,
  • water quality control in laboratory during the whole technological process.

It should be noted that both the pipeline and the water storage containers are made of stainless metals, and regularly undergo sanitary treatment. The water filtration mechanisms are the best products of the German major company “Pall Corporation”. Matching the water taste, smell and color is carried out before filtration through the activated coal filter.  Recovery of coal is done every day by back washing method. The filtering process ensures water preparation for disinfection. The water successively passes through cartridge polyester filters with 5mkm, 3mkm, 1mkm and 0.2mkm pores, getting clean from dependent particles and turbidity.

Disinfection is carried out through electromagnetic waves of ultraviolet spectrum produced by mercury-quartz lamp. The bottling is done in properly washed and rinsed glass containers or rinsed polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles or rinsed polycarbonate containers. The cleaning of glass bottles is done with 1-4% sodium hydroxide solution; the rinsing is done in multiple steps with final rinsing with 1-5 mg/l hydrogen peroxide solution and purified water. PET bottles are blown directly during the manufacturing process. Rinsing is done with hydrogen peroxide of 1-5 mg/l solution or processed water containing 0.01-0.1mg/l ozone. Bottles are automatically transferred to the bottling machine. Bottling is done in automatic pouring cameras by isobar method. Cap sealing is done automatically under the permanent control of operators of production and quality control. Cap sealing machine is placed in bottling machine - this guarantees bottled product sterility during the period of shelf-life. Sealed bottles are coded by the coding laser machine. Manufacturing date, time and batch are marked on every bottle. Finished product is labeled by attractively designed labels. After labeling the product is packed with thermal shrink film by the automatic packing machine. Packed products are stored in special dry and protected from direct sunlight warehouse premises with 5-20°C temperature, on pedestals that are buffering the bottles from contacts with the walls or the floor. Bottled mineral water is recommended to keep in a dark and cold place, in horizontal position and away from direct sunlight. Shelf-life period of product is 12 months from the manufacturing date.