Quality Control Department

The whole production process of “RRR” Mineral Waters Plant (from the raw material reception to the final product delivery) is controlled by the Quality Control Department which has two subdivisions: physicochemical and microbial. The Department employees are highly-skilled professionals.

The experimental laboratory of “RRR” Mineral Water Plant CJSC is equipped with modern equipment and measuring devices, important to ensure high quality production. According to the agreement, the hydro geological systematic observations of “Bjni” carbonated mineral water drilled well are held by “Hydro geological Monitoring Centre” state non-commercial organization of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection.

The Quality Control Department is engaged in complex testing and monthly monitoring of mineral water of “Bjni” 2 EK drilled well, and the drinking spring water in Alapars village.  Monthly monitoring includes control of the:

  • cost, temperature and level of the water,
  • operation regime of the operating piped well,
  • strict sanitary protection of the zone.

The physicochemical division is engaged in complex research including:

  • access control of raw material (PET preform moulds, caps, glass bottles, labels, water, carbon dioxide, sugar, concentrates, etc.),
  • checking physical parameters of PET bottles during the bottle blowing,
  • analysis of organoleptic indicators of well mineral water and spring water,
  • analysis of chemical composition of well mineral water and spring water,
  • monitoring of the syrup manufacturing process and making appropriate analysis,
  • analysis of organoleptic indicators and chemical composition of the final product during the manufacturing process (3 bottles in every 30 minutes),
  • measurement of the carbon dioxide concentration during the carbonated products manufacturing process (every 30 minutes),
  • checking complete bottling during the manufacturing process (5 bottles in every 30 minutes),
  • checking the strength of the closed caps, labeling, coding and packaging during the manufacturing process (every 30 minutes).

Microbial department checks the sanitary condition of the production area and staff, and conducts complex research including:

  • Microbial control of the mineral water 2 EK well and the Alapars spring,
  • Microbial analysis of delivered to the plant water,
  • Microbial analysis of the purified water,
  • Microbial analysis of sugar,
  • Microbial analysis of white and finished syrup,
  • Microbial analysis of washed and rinsed bottles,
  • Microbial analysis of plastic and metal caps,
  • Microbial analysis of industrial surfaces,
  • Microbial analysis of air in industrial premises,
  • Microbial analysis of final product (3 bottles from each batch),
  • Quality control of industrial equipment disinfection.

All experiments are conducted in accordance with the existing GOST-s, ISO standards and technical requirements. Experts of our laboratory will kindly answer to your questions.

Our contacts are:
8 Gortsaranayin str., Charentsavan, Kotayk, RA
“RRR” Mineral Waters Plant CJSC Quality Control Department
Tel. +374 226 4 49 11
Fax: +374 226 4 49 11
E-mail: lab@armbjni.am