Noy Kids

Your healthy kid's water

It's important to teach children how to drink water correctly from their early childhood.  Kids are full of energy and they are constantly moving, playing, jumping, trying to get rid of the unspent energy. To be active and joyful, kids need to be properly hydrated. Children don't have a highly developed thirst mechanism, so they're especially vulnerable to becoming dehydrated.  Kids 1 to 3 years old need roughly  4 cups of drinking water daily. For kids 4 to 8, five cups are recommended a day, for teenagers- 8 to 11 cups a day.

Noy Kids is a clean spring water, which does not contain any bacteria and chemicals and is suitable even for newborn babies and for preparing their infant formulas. Drinking Noy Kids has a huge impact on your kid's immune system.

Make sure that your child drinks enough water and prevent dehydration that leads to diseases and numerous problems. Be healthy and safe with Noy Kids!