Noy Mineral Water

Noy Mineral Water

Your healthy and pretty body's water

People often ask whether they need to drink water during their workout. Drinking water during exercise is essential if you want to get the most out of your workout. Exercising in hot weather increases our body temperature. To keep cool, make sure first of all that you’re drinking plenty of water: at least 4 cups during an hour of workout. Since our bodies are about 50 to 60% water, it is vital to maintain this amount. We tend to lose about 2 to 3% during typical exercise and activity, especially on hot days.

Besides,  water is the best beauty treatment. By drinking water, you moisture your skin from within or the inside out and it helps keep skin looking good.

Drink Noy spring water, be healthy and beautiful!



Being saturated with useful features, “Noy” not only keeps us from harmful elements, but also helps get rid of slags and toxic elements. 


“Noy Luxe ” cleans organism and “charges” with energy, leading our digestive system to a right regime. 


Noy Kids is a clean spring water, which does not contain any bacteria and chemicals and is suitable even for newborn babies and for preparing their infant formulas. Drinking Noy Kids has a huge impact on your kid's immune system.



Our appearance, health and productivity depend on purity of the water we drink. We have the right for the strictest requirements of water quality. «Aragats» spring water is ideal clean, and the bottle is cozy to put in a bag.

Mineral water must be wholesome, light and pleasant. Bjni possesses all these qualities.

Noy presents to its consumers 3 types of lemonades made of 100% natural raw materials, without added preservatives and GMO ingredients.